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About the Commercial Inspector
Walter T. Bernauer

Walter T Bernauer

Trade: Montana - General Contractors
License #: 74290IC

My experience as an inspector is far-reaching and gives my clients an advantage that others lack – my experience. I am not your average inspector that learned from a book – instead, it is ingrained in my blood.

I am the son of an architect and builder. Long before AutoCAD, I spent hours sitting in front of a drafting table learning my father’s profession. I learned the dynamics of a construction site early on in life. I framed houses and put myself through college. I have performed energy audits, have had training with a master electrician, and was co-owner of a successful renewable energy firm.

I am a licensed General Contractor in the State of Montana

Buildings and construction is what I know. 

So if you are looking for the best, contact us to perform your next inspection!

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